Okay, back to it

I don’t really understand why it’s so hard to stick to a new eating plan.

Anyway, after beginning a couple of weeks ago I immediately fell back off the wagon. Changing habits is a struggle even when you know that your bad habits are slowly killing you. But then my cousin’s husband died. A student’s brother committed suicide. My grandfather is back in the hospital. And so I was reminded that life is short.

The bottom line is that I weigh too much. My skin is a mess lately. I don’t have enough energy. Last Monday was the 23rd, exactly three months until my 41st birthday. So I switched to about 70% plants and only a little bit of “bad” stuff. On Saturday night I hung out with friends and snacked on the food that other people brought. I didn’t drink but I woke up on Sunday morning feeling hungover. It took massive amounts of water, a little coffee, and a few crackers  to get me to start feeling normal. I need to start eating better.

So, yesterday I ate about 90% – 95% healthy.

For breakfast I had a green juice (1/2 cucumber, spinach, parsley). Lunch was roasted vegetables (asparagus, Brussels Sprouts, sweet potatoes, beets) and I had a very small handful on M&Ms. After school I had some dark chocolate with almond butter (to satisfy a Reese’s craving) and a brown rice cake with a little more almond butter. Dinner was more roasted veg with another brown rice cake.

And today I am on track again. 🙂

I’ve lost 2 pounds since last Monday. I’ve found that writing the other blog has kept me sticking to my “green” goals so I’m hoping this one will help me stick to my health goals.

Rules for now:

90% vegetables

little to no dairy

green juice every morning

no bread

no meat

eggs are okay

coconut oil is okay

lots of water

max of two cups of coffee per day

And in 2.5 weeks I am going on a vegetable juice fast for 10 days.

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