Winning! (-1.2)

I overdid it a little yesterday, eating about 1,000 calories instead of 500. We had a very paleo Thanksgiving but I consumed a good bit of mashed sweet potatoes with coconut milk. It was a low cal treat but not on the approved foods list. I also ate a lot of turkey and it isn’t on the list either. The good things though were that it was a super healthy meal with no dessert, I drank tons of water with lemon, and I had a cup of tea meant to clear constipation so I easily moved everything out in the morning (sorry, TMI) without feeling sick or bloated. 

I am just eating according to plan today, with today marking one full week on VLCD. From a start of 215 I am down 8.6 pounds. Not too shabby! And still on track for 205 on Monday. 

Weight = 206.4

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