Day 21 (-.4)

I had my mid-way appointment yesterday and according to the doctor’s scale I’ve lost 20 pounds. That’s because I kept my boots on when I first weighed in though. 🙂

Yesterday I was thinking about the ability to stick to something and how we use food as a reward so often that we think of a strict eating plan as being deprivation. If chocolate cake will make me sick to my stomach am I really being deprived if I don’t eat it? Why do we think we need so much more than what we actually need to survive? 

Weight = 200.6

4 responses

  1. That’s so awesome!!!! I’m down today too! have you found that you’ve been plateauing? I’m stuck at one weight and it’s hard not to get discouraged. But i have been a little bad the last couple days with little cheats. Today i’m 100% back on the wagon!

  2. I am on a plateau. I just wrote out a huge post about it and WP deleted it. I was really hungry so I skipped yesterday’s shot and feel better hunger-wise. Today’s weight was still about the same so I am eating only apples. I really need to drop these last few ounces so I can see a 1 as the beginning number on the scale, not a 2.
    Are you getting enough water? I’ve had some issues that don’t allow me to get to the restroom as frequently as I’d like so my water intake has dropped to about 3 liters. I need to get it back up.

  3. Ya today is an apple day for me! So hopefully that’ll drop something on the scale. And I’ve been bad with my water. But I’ve set an alarm on my phone every 2 hours, so that should help 🙂

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