Day 14 (-2)

I was a little surprised to see 203 on the scale this morning. I drank A LOT of water yesterday, altogether over 4 liters if you include the two cups of coffee and a cup of tea. I really credit the keeping of this blog with keeping me on track. It is a way of feeling accountable without getting a lot of attention – ironic since the blog is public. I think I feel more accountable to myself though, and that is the big difference.

I have been excessively absent-minded lately. I’m not sure if it is from the low calories or the thinking about losing weight that is affecting my brain. I need some strategies to keep me a little more on top of things.

Weight = 203


I’ve been glancing through a bunch of blogs lately and have noticed a couple of things that are worth mentioning on here.

1) most diet and exercise blogs just sort of trail off and it is apparent that the writers have either given up on the changes or given up on writing. I am guessing the former is more often true.

2) most food blogs write about food as a reward

I’m trying to get out of food as a reward or food as a special treat so I can be more mindful and eat things that are nourishing rather than just yummy. Date nights too often center around going out to dinner (because then we have a chance to talk) and a movie rather than an activity. So I am going to use my list of goals to determine rewards that have little to nothing to do with food.

Mini-goal 1: 205 (met 11/26/12)  – new iPhone (this seems excessive but I have needed to order it for a while)

Size goal – 14 – go to the movies by myself

Mini-goal 2 – 185  – pedicure before vacation

Size goal – 12 – a nice knife set, especially for cutting vegetables. This is food related but is more about healthy eating than eating as a treat.

Mini goal 3 – 167 – really nice boots – Frye? or maybe these from Country Outfitters

Size goal – 10 – Adipose earrings!

Goal weight – 150 – spend $1,000 on new clothes

Size goal – 8 – designer jeans

Hmmm, I can’t seem to finish. I need some new ideas. What else have I been/should I be coveting?

And I am renewing my commitment to continuing to write about this journey. It is a way of being accountable to myself and that is what being healthy is about.

Day 13 – mini-goal one met (-.6)

I made it to my first little goal and am down ten pounds overall. I got a new little badge in my Lose It! app that I find absurdly rewarding. I rewarded myself by drinking a huge glass of water with lemon before leaving the house. 🙂

It was a sad long weekend though, with my husband being gone most of the time to be with his dad in the hospital. I tried to be productive yesterday and managed to get the laundry in and some of my own clothes sorted in between bouts of lethargy and diarrhea on the part of my three year-old. I did eat two small Tootsie Rolls which wouldn’t seem that bad except that I need to clear all the chemicals and gunk out of my system and those tiny pieces of candy aren’t doing me any favors. I also spent some time reading up on Phase 3 since I’ll be on vacation while I’m on it. It’s basically just strict Paleo, which I am used to, but it will be a bit of a struggle since there will likely be temptations while we are out. I need to keep finding ways of dealing with those – the mental X out of a pop-up temptation is still working okay but I honestly think the responsibility of writing everyday is a lot more useful to me.

I also calculated how long it might take me to get to my overall goal weight of 145 instead of just the interim weights. Maybe by the end of May if I can keep going strong? The reward is having $1,000 to spend on new clothing and I think we will also have enough money for me to actually be able to do that. Athleta and CAbi, here I come! I sorted through clothes yesterday though and made piles in my closet by size. I have several pairs of pants in size 12 – I tried on a pair of 14s and they still felt a little snug so I think it will be another week or so before they are comfortable enough to wear. At least the process of having them sorted made me a bit more confident that I won’t have to do much shopping in the coming month because holiday shopping scares me. I can concentrate on gifts for my family and friends instead.

Weight = 205    yes!!!

Day Twelve (-+0)

Yesterday was weird and I ate 800 calories while I wasn’t paying attention. I also I didn’t drink alas much water. It is interesting what stress can do, isn’t it? I didn’t eat junk but it is a good reminder to be a lot more mindful of what and when I eat. IMO plan for today needs to be tons of water and back to very strict protocol.

Weight = 205.6

Day eleven (-.8)

Yesterday was pretty good. Lots of stress but no stress eating. I went a little off-list but with a pumpkin custard made from home grown pumpkins and gs from our own chickens, sweetened only with bananas. 163 calories per slice.

My plan for today is eat only from the approved list. I find roasted Brussels sprouts with apples to taste more like dessert than a side dish and have Ben looking forward to it.

Weight = 205.6

Winning! (-1.2)

I overdid it a little yesterday, eating about 1,000 calories instead of 500. We had a very paleo Thanksgiving but I consumed a good bit of mashed sweet potatoes with coconut milk. It was a low cal treat but not on the approved foods list. I also ate a lot of turkey and it isn’t on the list either. The good things though were that it was a super healthy meal with no dessert, I drank tons of water with lemon, and I had a cup of tea meant to clear constipation so I easily moved everything out in the morning (sorry, TMI) without feeling sick or bloated. 

I am just eating according to plan today, with today marking one full week on VLCD. From a start of 215 I am down 8.6 pounds. Not too shabby! And still on track for 205 on Monday. 

Weight = 206.4

Day Eight (-.8)

I feel a little frustrated that I was only down .8 this morning even though it’s irrational. I like seeing nice whole numbers on the scale. I lost two pounds yesterday. .8 in a day is still amazing. I know I’m not really expecting 40 pounds in 40 days but something in my brain must really be hanging onto that idea of losing a pound a day. While dwelling on it and packing up my lunch I saw the healthy Thanksgiving food and immediately felt hungry. My solution? I drank a large glass of water with lemon juice and immediately felt satiated. Also, now that I see it in the post title I like the symmetry of day eight and -.8. 🙂

So now I am shaking that off and working on my goal-setting. My first mini-goal, to weigh 205, should be coming up soon; I am hoping that is the number I see on the scale on Monday morning. I’m also hoping that number means size 14 pants will fit me. From there I calculated 10% losses for each upcoming goal and then I realized they would probably correlate with pants size. I think I weighed around 135-145 in high school and about 155 in college. I know I was 165 when we got married. I was reading something the other day about people starting to look thinner and then they lost focus because they already looked and felt better. I’m not sure how to fight that feeling because I have definitely had that issue before. I think I will just keep journaling in here to work through it and have a record of it to look back on later.

Mini-goal 1: 205    Size goal – 14

Mini-goal 2 – 185    Size goal – 12

Mini goal 3 – 167    Size goal – 10

Goal weight – 150    Size goal – 8

Weight = 209.2

Day Seven (-2)

Yesterday was a great day but it took a lot of will power. It was tough to make it through the smell of pancakes (and turning them down!) for an hour or so yesterday. And then, though I don’t even really like it, I had the desire to stuff my face with macaroni and cheese when I made it for dinner for the boys. mindovermattermindovermattermindovermatter

I got to eat Brussels sprouts yesterday though and I looooooove them so much. I discovered that they are really sweet and tasty with just lemon juice and salt. I usually do coconut oil and salt so it’s not too terribly different. I miss eating a huge variety of vegetables though.

Weight = 210

that’s down five from where I started last Wednesday morning and down 11.2 from the loading days!