I’ve been glancing through a bunch of blogs lately and have noticed a couple of things that are worth mentioning on here.

1) most diet and exercise blogs just sort of trail off and it is apparent that the writers have either given up on the changes or given up on writing. I am guessing the former is more often true.

2) most food blogs write about food as a reward

I’m trying to get out of food as a reward or food as a special treat so I can be more mindful and eat things that are nourishing rather than just yummy. Date nights too often center around going out to dinner (because then we have a chance to talk) and a movie rather than an activity. So I am going to use my list of goals to determine rewards that have little to nothing to do with food.

Mini-goal 1: 205 (met 11/26/12)  – new iPhone (this seems excessive but I have needed to order it for a while)

Size goal – 14 – go to the movies by myself

Mini-goal 2 – 185  – pedicure before vacation

Size goal – 12 – a nice knife set, especially for cutting vegetables. This is food related but is more about healthy eating than eating as a treat.

Mini goal 3 – 167 – really nice boots – Frye? or maybe these from Country Outfitters

Size goal – 10 – Adipose earrings!

Goal weight – 150 – spend $1,000 on new clothes

Size goal – 8 – designer jeans

Hmmm, I can’t seem to finish. I need some new ideas. What else have I been/should I be coveting?

And I am renewing my commitment to continuing to write about this journey. It is a way of being accountable to myself and that is what being healthy is about.

What is this all about?

Over the last week or so I have viewed several documentaries about health, nutrition, and food consumption.Motivated by “Hungry for Change,” “May I Be Frank,” “Food Matters,” and “Forks Over Knives,” I am committing to eating a primarily plant-based diet with only small amounts of oil and animal proteins.

I will use this space to reflect on experiences and keep a food diary.